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The Medicaid program has rules that can help you protect your assets, but the bureaucrats running the program are not allowed to help give you advice to take advantage of them.  Much like the tax code. If you want to maximize your savings, you can’t rely on the IRS to do it for you.  So […]

New study suggests better to go without long-term care insurance

Medicaid Planning can make a big difference for the uninsured If you haven’t read the study released in November by Boston College, you should be aware of its findings. Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research published findings that focused on single adults who need to face long-term care – a segment of society which now […]

Planning Ahead for Medicaid: The Last, Best Valentine’s Gift


Valentine’s Day is here again.  If you’re like me, you have been looking high and low for what to get your spouse or loved one for Valentine’s Day that tells them how much you care about them.  I want to add this to your thoughts this Valentine’s Day:  Often the best thing we can do […]

Paying a loved one for care can be problematic

The same scenario plays itself out over and over again in America. An elderly person needs help with care and prefers to stay at home. The best care can often come from someone who is emotionally involved with the senior and they turn to children or grandchildren to provide the care. Sometimes the parent needs […]